CNIPA Deputy Commissioner Meets Dolby Laboratories' Vice President of Worldwide Government Relations in Beijing
Updated: 5 24,2023

Lu Pengqi, Deputy Commissioner of the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) recently met Sean Murphy, Vice President of Worldwide Government Relations at Dolby Laboratories in Beijing.

Lu said that China has always attached great importance to IP protection. For years, the CNIPA has been maintaining good cooperation and communication with U.S. IP government agencies, NGOs and companies with a proactive and open attitude while providing equal protection for the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and foreign interested parties in accordance with law. Dolby Laboratories, as an important innovator with substantial investment and business in China, is expected to make more voices to the outside world to present a fair, objective, true and panoramic view of the development of the Chinese IP system, allowing more U.S. companies and people to know the latest progress of our IP system.

Murphy hailed the positive achievements of China's IP protection work and looked forward to more communication between the two sides in IP policy-making and latest professional technologies.

CNIPA principals responsible for the International Cooperation Department also attended the meeting.(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)