CNIPA Organizes Training to Upgrade TISCs’ Service
Updated: 7 13,2022

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) recently organized an online training course for the Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC). With an agenda stressing 'capacity building', the course aimed to forge an advanced version of the TISCs in China featuring its broad range of services, wide range of clients, quality services, new modes of services.

In his written remarks for the opening ceremony, CNIPA Deputy Commissioner He Zhimin recalled the achievements of the TISCs in China and offered his regards and suggestions to upgrade their service efficiency. Alejandro Roca Campana, Senior Director, IP for Innovators Department of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) also sent his generous words, applauding the efficiency of the TISCs in China and offered advice on further cooperative steps surrounding TISCs between the WIPO and the CNIPA.

The lecturers at the three-day course included over a dozen of Chinese and oversea IP experts such as Wang Peizhang, Director General, CNIPA's Public Service Department, Andrew Czajkowski, Director, WIPO's Technology and Innovation Support Department, and those from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Library, Yangtze Delta National Technology Innovation Center. Building of a global TISC network, interpretation of IP policies, patent information search and use, IP information service practice were among the topics discussed. Representatives from four TISCs shared their learning and working experiences. The meticulously-designed agenda expanded the vision of the 101 TISCs in China as well as upgrading their work efficiency and eventually allowing them to offer strong support to technological innovation. Nearly 1,000 representatives from provincial and city IP administrations, TISCs in China and several IP information public service network members attended the course.(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)