Updated: 4 20,2022

The UNESCO Netexplo Innovation Forum has taken place on the 13th April, 2022,issuing the "Top 10 Global Science and Technology Innovation Awards". LLVSION AR smart subtitle glasses is the only award from China and also the only one in AR sector. This product creatively solves the real-time communication problem of the hearing-impaired people and helps them communicate with others face to face freely and confidently.

——The Chinese AR technology company won the Award of Netexplo Global Innovation at 15th UNESCO Netexplo Innovation Forum, PRNewswire


In recent years, Chinese firms represented by LLVSION AR have accelerated the application of innovations by virtue of their patent portfolio planning in AR core technologies to meet the needs of different groups of people. This award shows the international recognition of Chinese innovations, promoting the warmth of China's technology to the world.