Media Perspective
  • Chinese gaming giant NetEase has launched its first fully-owned gaming studio in the U.S. as it ramps up international expansion. The development studio, called Jackalope Games, will be tasked with creating new PC and console games for NetEase. The company, which already has two gaming studios in Japan, has focused on developing games with global appeal including "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter" titles.

    ——Chinese tech giant NetEase launches first gaming studio in U.S. in international push,CNBC


    Thanks to the innovation performance in game sector, more and more Chinese game businesses spare no efforts to build up overseas markets amid growing domestic game market.

  • China's Shandong plans to build enough solar farms off its eastern seaboard. The feat of engineering at sea is just another example of China maximizing its geographical resources to effect a green energy transition and power its population centers on the coast. It's also planning wind and solar in a series of massive projects, as it ramps up clean energy to meet growing power demand and eventually get to net-zero carbon emissions.

    ——China's Shandong to Build Massive Solar Farms Out to Sea,Bloomberg News


    With the implementation of the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" policies, green has become a distinctive background for China's high-quality development. Driven by independent innovation, China's sustainable economic and social development has contributed "Chinese experience" to the world.

  • Genshin Impact, is one of the world's hottest mobile video games, released in late 2020. In its first year on the market, it raked in $2 billion, a record for mobile games, according to Sensor Tower, a firm that monitors mobile apps. The game's success points out that China has already started to outpace its Asian neighbor in some respects and has built world-class engineering capabilities over a decade.

    ——Beating Japan at its own(video) game:a smash hit from China, New York Times


    Nowadays, Chinese games have gained popularity in overseas. According to China Gaming Industry Report 2021, China's self-developed games generated sales of $18.013 billion in foreign market  in 2021. Chinese games have shown appreciation abroad constantly,  thanks to their self-reliant IP.

  • China has granted Chinese internet services company Baidu and a rival autonomous car company,, permits to provide driverless ride-hailing services to the public in Beijing, a significant regulatory step in the country's pursuit of driverless technology. The permits given to Baidu and allow them to offer rides without a safety driver behind the wheel to take over in cases of an emergency. The new permits still require a safety supervisor to be seated in the front passenger seat.

    ——China grants first driverless taxi permits to Baidu,,ABC News


    In recent years, China's self-driving car industry has shown its power  in innovation. It benefits from intellectual property rights to empower enterprises with technological innovation, protect the core technology effectively.

  • The UNESCO Netexplo Innovation Forum has taken place on the 13th April, 2022,issuing the "Top 10 Global Science and Technology Innovation Awards". LLVSION AR smart subtitle glasses is the only award from China and also the only one in AR sector. This product creatively solves the real-time communication problem of the hearing-impaired people and helps them communicate with others face to face freely and confidently.

    ——The Chinese AR technology company won the Award of Netexplo Global Innovation at 15th UNESCO Netexplo Innovation Forum, PRNewswire


    In recent years, Chinese firms represented by LLVSION AR have accelerated the application of innovations by virtue of their patent portfolio planning in AR core technologies to meet the needs of different groups of people. This award shows the international recognition of Chinese innovations, promoting the warmth of China's technology to the world.