Media Perspective
  • China is changing its patent law with an eye toward ramping up legal protections for drug manufacturers, building on the country's efforts to bolster its intellectual property system. The country is establishing a new system for brand-name manufacturers and generics makers to resolve patent disputes under the changes, which take effect on June 1. Changes to the litigation system could provide more incentives for large drug companies to enter the Chinese market by boosting procedural protections, attorneys say.

    ——China's Patent Law Revamp Promises New Protections for Drugmakers, by Bloomberg Law


    The regulations of drug patent protections in the newly revised patent law is a represent of China's efforts in improving IP protection system, conducive to creating a sound business environment.

  • Beijing has greenlighted, Meituan and Neolix to trial self-driving delivery velicles on designated public roads in the Yizhuang Development Area, according to an announcement made by local authorities at a mobility conference recently. All three companies are using dainty box-on-wheels vehicles to shuffle goods around. Three-year-old Neolix focuses on making self-driving vehicles for retail, surveillance and other city services, while both and Meituan are tech heavyweights that find unmanned delivery incrasingly important to their existing core business.

    ——, Meituan and Neolix to test autonomous deliveries on Beijing public roads, by TechCrunch


    In recent years, China has been attaching great importance to developing self-driving technologies with self-reliant IP. The three companies to test autonomous deliveries on the road demonstrates the development of self-driving technologies in China.

  • The Jiaze Gas Station Project in Changzhou, Jiangsu, adopts the model of "self generation for self usage with surplus power entering the grid," achieving an uninterrupted switch with the State Grid. It uses photovoltaic power generation instead of coal-fired power generation and supplies surplus power externally while meeting the power demands of the station.

    ——Sinopec Builds China's First Carbon-neutral Gas Station, PRNewswire


    Chinese companies have implemented a series of measures to reduce carbon emissions, including vapor recovery, sewage recovery and treatment, to promote China's construction and development of carbon-neutral.

  • Although impacted by the pandemic, Hisense continued brand-building investment to grow business overseas. In 2020, Hisense's overseas revenue was $7.93 billion, accounted for nearly 40% of the total revenue, and the YOY growth was 18.2%. Data for the first quarter of 2021 shows that Hisense's overseas revenue share has exceeded 42%. According to Hisense's globalization strategy goal, Hisense aims to achieve $47 billion revenue by 2025, with overseas markets accounting for 50% of the total.

    ——Hisense Soars in Brand Value, Aims to Achieve $47 Billion Revenue by 2025 , PRNewswire


    For Chinese companies, the globalization must be a combination of product development, manufacturing, branding, marketing and intellectual property protection, through which, they will see a promising future.

  • China's probe to Mars touched down on the Red Planet early Saturday to deploy its Zhurong rover, a triumph for Beijing's increasingly bold space ambitions and a history-making feat for a nation on its first-ever Martian mission. The lander carrying Zhurong completed the treacherous descent through the Martian atmosphere using a parachute to navigate the "seven minutes of terror" as it is known, aiming for a vast northern lava plain known as the Utopia Planitia. Six-wheeled, solar-powered and roughly 240 kilograms, the Chinese rover is on a quest to collect and analyze rock samples from Mars' surface.

    ——China's Zhurong rover touches down on Mars, by The Business Times


    The landing of Chinese spacecraft on Mars is a represent of the country's long-term emphasis on technological innovation. It will contribute to exploring the space and promoting global peace and development.