Media Perspective
  • Pakistan considers the historic 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China an important event in the life and history of the Chinese national ethos. The Congress is also crucial for Pakistan since the discussion will be around the future course of economic, trade, bilateral, and multilateral cooperation. China is standing tall in its resolve to build peace, progress, and a shared future with equal economic opportunities for all including Pakistan.

    ——CPC 20th Congress a crucial event in Chinese history,Daily Times


    According to the Congress report, in the past ten years, China has advanced its major-country diplomacy on all fronts, seeing a marked increase in its international influence, appeal and shaping force. China shares its development opportunities with Pakistan and other countries, helping to develop the global governance in a more just and reasonable way.

  • More than 2,300 hand-picked delegates from around the country have converged on Beijing for the weeklong event. The Congress report has said China's commitment to reform and opening would not waver. The report reiterated China's foreign policy principles-staying independent and peaceful, and opposing "hegemonism and power politics, the Cold War mentality" and double standards.

    ——These are 4 key points from Xi's speech at the Chinese Communist Party congress,NPR


    The Congress report summarizes China's crucial achievements and valuable experience and draws a grand blueprint for socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, which provides the world with a text to accurately understand "how China sees and does".

  • Engineers from Microsoft and China's ByteDance, the parent of TikTok, are doing their part to advance that notion. Through a project called KubeRay, they're working together on software intended to help companies more efficiently run AI apps.

    ——Microsoft and ByteDance are collaborating on a big AI project, CNBC


    Through technology research and development and patent portfolio, ByteDance has become a leading force in the field of artificial intelligence, and its open attitude in the field of patent transformation and technical cooperation has won the favor of more partners in the global market.

  • Pinduoduo launched its U.S. online shopping site as the Chinese e-commerce giant makes its first major push overseas. Pinduoduo's Temu is a cross-border e-commerce website with most products likely to come from overseas, especially China. Temu said shipping to the U.S. could take 7-15 business days.

    ——China's e-commerce giant Pinduoduo quietly launches U.S. shopping site in Amazon challenge, CNBC


    Thanks to its relatively mature technological innovation and logistics and transportation technology, Pinduoduo actively "goes out" to expand overseas markets, sells more "Made in China" overseas, and takes a place in the fierce international market.

  • Tech giant Baidu announced Monday that it has obtained permits to operate fully autonomous taxis without any human assistants on board in two of China's megacities, marking a first for the country. Baidu said it received the regulatory approvals for its autonomous ride-hailing service Apollo Go to operate on open roads during the daytime in Chongqing and Wuhan.

    ——Baidu gets permits for first fully driverless taxi service in China, CNN


    Baidu, with its strong scientific strength and tight patent portfolio planning, has become a frontrunner in the autonomous driving field, and accelerated the transformation of patents on paper into applied products, bringing more convenience and happiness to people's life.