Media Perspective
  • Some 500 unionized workers assemble battery packs, weld frames and install seats, steering wheels and fare boxes, making zero-emission public transportation on a factory floor at BYD North America that is the size of nine American football fields. Converting transit buses to battery or fuel-cell power is considered one of the fastest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. Chinese companies have production capacity for a host of other environment-friendly essential items.

    ——Electric bus maker BYD shows China complications, by Reuters


    Motor Vehicle pollution has been one of the main pollution sources in city air pollution. The exploration of enterprises in new energy vehicles field by using technologies with self-reliant IP will facilitate the promotion and application new energy vehicles .

  • Huawei has struck a licensing deal that will allow use of its 4G technologies in connected vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen Group, the Chinese tech giant said on Wednesday.The deal is its largest yet in the automotive industry. Besides supplying technologies to manufacturers of intelligent cars, Huawei has tipped plans to move into the software sector, as well as cloud computing.

    ——China's Huawei scores 4G patent deal for VW cars, by Bankok Post


    Intelligence is a major trend for the future of automobiles. Innovative enterprises including Huawei, based on their technology reserves and patent portfolio planning in the field of information and communication, cooperate with traditional car enterprises, which will help accelerate the intelligent development of the global automotive industry.

  • Didi, China's giant ride-hailing company, filed paperwork for an initial public offering in the United States with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. The company, which describes itself as the world's largest mobility platform, offers ride hailing, taxi and carpooling services in China and other countries, including Brazil and Mexico. Didi is also investing in autonomous driving. It intends to list on either the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq, under the ticker DIDI. The filing did not disclose how much the company plans to raise in the IPO.

    ——Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi files for US IPO, CNN


    Didi's intends to go public in the United States this time is aimed to win the favor of the capital market. In the process of "going out", innovation and intellectual property protection are indispensable.

  • As one of the first national-level high-tech zones and the first national independent innovation demonstration zone in western China, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone is promoting the implementation of key technological problems through open competition mechanism and giving play to the leading role of innovation and demonstration, so as to accelerate the construction of a world-class high-tech park.

    ——Chengdu Hi-tech Zone will invest RMB 30 billion in five years and sends invitation to the world's top talents, PRNewswire


    Through implementing an innovation-driven development strategy, building a system that encourages innovation and a good business environment, Chengdu, one of China's science and technology cities, provide a broad stage for market players and scientific and technological talents on innovation and intellectual property rights protection.

  • According to Alibaba, over 20 million people bought Hanfu last year on the shopping site Taobao. Young, affluent Chinese Gen Zers take pride in their cultural heritage. The rise of Hanfu signals a shift in how they are defining what is cool and how they construct their self-image in a country increasingly resistant to Western cultural power.

    ——Why China's Hanfu Trend Won't Cool Down, by Jing Daily


    Wearing Hanfu (the traditional dress of the Han Chinese people) has become a trend in China in recent years. The companies, which want to make Hanfu, should improve IP protection awareness, respect others' original designs, protect their own original works, so as to creat a sound environment for Hanfu.