Shen Changyu Speaks at the “Global Forum on Intellectual Property” Video Conference during the IP Week @ SG 2021
Updated: 9 10,2021

On August 24, CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu attended the "Global Forum on Intellectual Property" Video Conference during the IP Week @ SG 2021 and delivered a keynote speech. Mr. Daren Tang, Director General of WIPO, Mr. Etienne Acedo, CEO of INTA, Mrs. Rena Lee, Chief Executive of IPOS, Mr. Mori Kiyoshi, Commissioner of JPO, and Mr. Rowel Barba, Director General of IPOPHL and current chair of AWGIPC, also spoke at the forum.

Shen remarked in his speech that since the Chinese government implemented the Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy in 2008, with the support of all parties, China has seen vigorous development of IP cause, both quantity and quality improvement in IP creation and enhancement of IP protection. With the commercialization of IPRs, an IP ecosystem supporting innovation and development has taken shape, which has effectively promoted economic and social development, he said. At present, to clinch an early victory against COVID-19 and restore economic growth remains the top priority for the international community. CNIPA will adhere to high-quality IP development, deepen IP-related reforms and expand international IP exchanges and cooperation, in order to push the global intellectual property governance system in a more just and equitable direction based on the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, he added.

WIPO Director General Daren Tang remarked that the number of PCT applications grew by 20% last year, 50% of which were made by Asian applicants. Two out of every 10 unicorn startups in the world are from Asia, indicating the strong innovative impetus in Asia, especially in China, he stressed. He also underlined the importance of IP for developing countries and hoped that various countries could strengthen cooperation for greater innovation and development.(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)