Yanbian Northeast Asia Intellectual Property Operation Center Approved for Establishment
Updated: 6 29,2021

The CNIPA recently approved the Request for Application for Establishing China (Yanbian) Northeast Asia Intellectual Property Operation Center by Jilin Intellectual Property Office. According to the approval, the Administration supports the building of an IP operation center in Yanbian to promote the high-quality development of the old industrial base in Northeast China through IP operation.

It is understood that Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture is a strategic place for both revitalization of northeast China and Tumen River development and severs as a gateway for deepening cooperation between China and Northeast Asian countries. The building of the Yanbian Center is a concrete measure to promote the high-quality development of the old industrial bases in Northeast China and facilitate the development and opening up of Yanbian area.

It is expected that the Yanbian Center will play an important role in driving regional growth, building sound ecology in IP operation, and leading development in this regard. Focusing on the Belt and Road cooperation and the needs of regional cooperation in Northeast Asia, the Center will leverage its geographical advantages and featured resources to enhance the whole-chain service supply capacity on IPR.  Once up and running, it will become an IP trading operation base, data service base and professional personnel training base for Northeast Asia, and a key platform for deepening IP operation cooperation in Northeast Asia, thereby boosting the building of a new development paradigm with domestic circulation as the mainstay and domestic and international circulations reinforcing each other.(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)