Updated: 5 19,2021

China's probe to Mars touched down on the Red Planet early Saturday to deploy its Zhurong rover, a triumph for Beijing's increasingly bold space ambitions and a history-making feat for a nation on its first-ever Martian mission. The lander carrying Zhurong completed the treacherous descent through the Martian atmosphere using a parachute to navigate the "seven minutes of terror" as it is known, aiming for a vast northern lava plain known as the Utopia Planitia. Six-wheeled, solar-powered and roughly 240 kilograms, the Chinese rover is on a quest to collect and analyze rock samples from Mars' surface.

——China's Zhurong rover touches down on Mars, by The Business Times


The landing of Chinese spacecraft on Mars is a represent of the country's long-term emphasis on technological innovation. It will contribute to exploring the space and promoting global peace and development.