Fujian Provincial Intellectual Property Office Launches the 2021 IP Publicity Week

From April 20 to 26, Fujian Provincial Intellectual Property Office will launch the IP Publicity Week across the province focusing on the theme of "Enhancing Intellectual Property Protection Comprehensively, Striving to Build the New Development Paradigm" to celebrate the 21st World Intellectual Property Day.

A series of activities will be carried out during the week-long event, including the opening ceremony of the event, lecture on how IP provides targeted service for enterprise high-quality development, launching ceremony of "patent pledge loan cooperation project", training course on IP operation and transformation, awarding ceremony of the "Zhichuang Sanming" sub-platform, seminar on IP, symposium on GI trademark application, on-site publicity and open day activities to celebrate the 2021 World Intellectual Property Day at provincial, municipal and district levels, awarding ceremony of the "Zhichuang Zhangzhou" sub-platform & training course on IP-related risk aversion for enterprises, inaugural meeting of the Integrated Circuit & Software Industry Sub-alliance of Fujian Electronic Information Intellectual Property Alliance, IP summit, etc.

On April 20, the first day of the Publicity Week, the "Zhichuang Fuzhou" sub-platform under the "Zhichuang Fujian" IP public service platform will be inaugurated. The Municipal Administration for Market Regulation (IP Office) of Fuzhou and the Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank will sign the strategic agreement on "IP pledge loan cooperation project". In addition, bank-enterprise matchmaking activity for IP pledge loan project, awarding ceremony for IP model enterprises in Fuzhou and patent awards will also be launched.

During the Publicity Week, Fujian Provincial Intellectual Property Office will release the white paper of Intellectual Property Development and Protection of Fujian Province in 2020. Besides, focusing on the two themes of "cultural and creative industries and IP protection" and "IT and IP", it will launch 6 live-stream sessions on its Douyin account, namely "woodcarving culture re-innovation through IP protection", "graphic creation and three-dimensional IP protection", "inheritance of intangible cultural heritage through IP protection", "IP protection in big data and AI", "digital entertainment innovation through IP protection" and "discussion on heated cases in digital technology field".(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)