National Base for International Intellectual Property Cooperation Inaugurated in Beijing

On April 23, the National Base for International Intellectual Property Cooperation was inaugurated in Beijing. Deputy Commissioner Gan Shaoning of CNIPA and Deputy Secretary-general Zhang Jinsong of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality spoke at the ceremony.

Gan Shaoning said in his speech that General Secretary Xi Jinping has made many important instructions on international IP cooperation, which are the fundamental guidance for our efforts in promoting IP-related international cooperation and competition. Beijing boasts rich resources for international cooperation and numerous enterprises strong on IP and has made remarkable progress in international cooperation. He hoped that Beijing can continue to bring into play its role as an international innovation center and further improve the mechanisms and channels to communicate with market players through the establishment of the international cooperation base, in order to have a better understanding of foreign-related IP demands of the market players and support their international development.

Zhang fully recognized Beijing's efforts in building the "two zones" and the international innovation center, hoping that Beijing IP Office will strive to enhance Beijing's international influence in the IP field through a collective force of various sides.

The international cooperation base is a pilot project launched by Beijing IP Office under the guidance of CNIPA, with the aim of making effective use of local resources based on the actual demands of both the country and Beijing City in IP work, so as to serve the international development of market players and promote IP-related international cooperation and competition in a better way.

At the ceremony, the Plan for Promoting Strategic Intellectual Property Cooperation (2021-2023) was signed between Beijing IP Office and Beijing Patent Examination Cooperation Center under CNIPA, and the "Beijing Intellectual Property Notarization Service Center" was licensed to Beijing Guoxin Notary Public Office by Beijing IP Office and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice.(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)