2021 China IP Publicity Week Advocates IPR Protection Enhancement and New Development Paradigm Building

As the 21th World IP Day nears, China announces the theme of 2021 China IP Publicity Week, featuring "Enhancing Intellectual Property Protection Comprehensively, Striving to Build the New Development Paradigm". In a bid to raise the society's awareness of respecting and protecting IPR, this year's week-long (April 20-26) event will play a solid role in publicizing key issues including IPR protection enhancement, creating a sound climate for promoting the new stage of development, applying the new development philosophy and creating a new development pattern to enhance high-quality development.

In order to embrace innovation and build the new development paradigm, the event calculates the vivid practices that regions and administrations promote IPR's high-quality creation, high-level protection and high-efficiency employment during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, playing an active role in setting the stage for the 14th Five-Year Plan.

This year's event is the 13th of its kind launched in China. As of date, the IP Publicity Week events has raised the society's IP awareness to a higher level and further inspired innovative activities in the nation, which plays a significant role in beefing up IP protection, optimizing innovation and business environment and constructing the new development paradigm, according to an expert.

(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)