CNIPA Deputy Commissioner Gan Shaoning Meeting Latvian Ambassador to China and Her Delegation
Updated: 3 30,2021

On March 24, Deputy Commissioner Gan Shaoning of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) met in Beijing with a delegation led by Maija Manika, the Latvian ambassador to China. They shared the progress of IP work in their respective countries and discussed matters such as the deepening of IP cooperation between China and Latvia. Gan Shaoning remarked that the Chinese government highly values the IP undertaking and has implemented a series of policies and measures to promote innovation and IP protection. China has always protected the IP rights of international enterprises in China in strict accordance with relevant laws while providing a good business environment for domestic enterprises. Maija Manika spoke highly of China's great achievements in IP protection. She appreciated China's legal protection of the trademark rights of Latvian enterprises in China and hoped to promote further exchanges and cooperation on IP with China. At the end of the meeting, representatives of Latvian enterprises presented a banner to CNIPA to show their appreciation.(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)