The CNIPA Public Service Website Achieves Great Results after a Year of Operation
Updated: 3 15,2021

Since its rollout on January 16, 2020, the China Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) Public Service Website has significantly improved China's capacity and standard of intellectual property services. The website provides one-stop services for the public, innovation entities and entrepreneurs as a preliminary integrated online platform for IP services. By the end of 2020, it reached over 810,000 visits , 4 million downloads, and it provided search and analysis services for local users 420,000 times.

As a trial platform used to explore IP public services, the website has initially achieved one-stop services including application, payment, information search and retrieval, and data download for trademark, patent, geographical indication and integrated circuit layout design. Moreover, it also has an overall map showing all key services of the website and institutions for IP services throughout China.

Through this website, CNIPA updated and renovated the new generation of local patent retrieval and analysis systems. Its bibliographical reference items have increased from 7 to 29, with advanced users being able to download even more items. A new type of retrieval method based on the national economic classification was added, allowing users to retrieve and search information according to their business scenarios. Its database creation and share function was updated in order to facilitate users to build and share multi-level and multi-branch databases of patents in particular technological fields. Its local service coverage has also expanded to 27 provincial level administrative regions across the country.

After its rollout, CNIPA continued to integrate all of its resources in order to create columns such as Public Service Focus and Frequently Asked Questions, improve the content management system and the new mode of system data download, provide more IP courses for the public, update the information on local IP service institutions, modify module functions, and optimize their web page layout. CNIPA strives to keep perfecting the features of the website to improve user experience. During the epidemic, the website specifically created a database on COVID-19 prevention and control and added links for COVID-19 medical masks patent information to help companies with their resumption of work and production as well as scientific and technological research. The Public Service Website has played an active role in epidemic prevention and control, as well as the promotion of high-quality economic development.(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)