Updated: 1 27,2021

China's space program might have been slowed by the pandemic in 2020, but it certainly didn't stop. But there were a few achievements the rest of the world might not have noticed. One was the November 7 launch of Ceres-1, a new type of rocket, is capable of taking payload into low Earth orbit. The launch sent the Tianqi 11 communications satellite into space. At first glance, the Ceres-1 launch might seem unremarkable. Ceres-1, however, wasn't built and launched by China's national program. It was a commercial rocket from a Chinese company ever to go into space.

 ——China's surging private space industry is out to challenge the US, by MIT Technology Review


In recent years, Chinese companies continue to strengthen innovative capacity, firmly grasp the key technologies in their own hands and become an important force in China's space industry.