WIPO Holding a Video Conference to Discuss Solutions of IPOs During the COVID-19 Epidemic CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu Introducing CNIPA’s Solution
Updated: 4 13,2020

On April 6 (Beijing time), WIPO held a video conference to discuss relevant solutions of IPOs during the COVID-19 epidemic. CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu attended and introduced the measures CNIPA has taken against it.

Shen Changyu said that this is a virus that respects no borders and the epidemic we are battling is our common enemy. Since the outbreak of the virus, with President Xi Jinping at the helm and thanks to the Chinese people's arduous efforts, the situation in China has sustained a positive momentum and normal work and life is resuming quickly. The COVID-19 epidemic is spreading fast in many places across the world. This video conference has strengthened experience sharing among various countries in the IP field against the epidemic and can help global innovators to cope with the challenges caused by the epidemic more timely and effectively.

Shen Changyu also pointed out that since the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to implement national decisions and arrangements against it and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of IPR holders, CNIPA made timely arrangements and released the Notice on Time Limits for Handling Affairs Regarding Patents, Trademarks and Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits under the Impact of the COVID-19 epidemic (Notice No. 350) , in which related relief measures are clarified. According to the latest global situation, CNIPA recently released another circular that the Notice applies to all interested parties in countries and regions affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, which is highly praised at home and abroad.

In addition, CNIPA has also taken forceful measures and given priorities upon request to patent applications and trademark registrations concerning the prevention and control of the COVID-19. CNIPA has also launched IP pledge financing to help enterprises relieve their financial difficulties and got very good effect.

Shen Changyu stressed that the spread of the COVID-19 is challenging global innovators heavily. The Chinese side suggests that all countries should strengthen information and experience sharing under the leadership of WIPO. The Chinese side is willing to share with other countries the useful methods in the IP field against the epidemic and strengthen international IP cooperation to win the battle against the severe infectious disease through joint efforts.

The video conference was presided over by WIPO Director General Mr. Francis Gurry, at which IPOs from nearly 20 countries and regions including China, the US, Europe, Japan and South Korea shared their solutions to extend the legal time limits and relevant fee payments of IPRs caused by the COVID-19, analyzed how their IP systems promoted innovation in the field of medicine and drug accessibility and proposed suggestions on guaranteeing the operation of the PCT and other international IP systems during the epidemic.

Relevant principals from IPOs of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, the US and other countries as well as from EUIPO and EPO attended the conference and gave speeches. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)