WIPO China Chief: IP Empowers Sangzhi in Building A Poverty Eradication Sample
Updated: 12 21,2020 Source:CNIPA WeChat Official Account

"The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) appreciates China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA)'s efforts in making full use of information, system and industrial advantages to give full play to the IP in poverty eradication, rural revitalization and common development. In terms of poverty eradication through use of geographic indication (GI) products, CNIPA has launched a national GIs application promotion project, formulated relevant policies for poverty eradication, established a sound and stable long-term mechanism for the event, and strengthened the basic capacity-building for that work, and achieved remarkable results," said WIPO China Office Director Liu Hua in an interview on December 16 with over ten news outlets at Cangguanyu Village, Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. CNIPA's practice in exerting full role of IP to enable local industries involved in poverty eradication to register higher quality and enhance efficiency was highly recognized by Liu.

CNIPA has been assisting Sangzhi County to escape from poverty for 26 years since 1994. With the purpose of 'Build a brand, grow a powerful industry, benefit the locals', CNIPA and Sangzhi focused on poverty eradication through the use of IP, and created a poverty eradication sample for the world boasting quality, speed and a workable model.

"Going beyond the method of poverty eradication through policy, education and investment, CNIPA and Sangzhi have explored a long-term and sustainable mechanism in this regard. WIPO is looking forward to deepening collaboration with Sangzhi and Sangzhi County should continue to promote precise poverty eradication through the use of IP, among others, from GI concept to IP perspective, from industrial property rights to cultural and creative industry, tourism, and etc., in order to build the Sample of Sangzhi," Liu said.

In Liu's eyes, Sangzhi has built a quality and development oriented model. For example, the quality is an important guarantee for GI products. The county has spared no efforts in maintaining special quality of Sangzhi Tea, which can be reflected by the fact that the tea has earned lots of national and provincial honors. Besides, thanks to its focus on brand building and market promotion, the tea and leaves industry in the county have maintained rapid growth. Moreover, the deep combination of GI industry and a special market model has generated steady revenues and promote inclusive and sustainable development for poverty-stricken people.

"On the one hand, WIPO has noted with appreciation the successful story of China in poverty eradication through IP and hoped China will share its experiences with the world, especially with the developing countries. On the other hand, WIPO will assist China in taking advantage of its policy platform system, registration system and data base to achieve poverty eradication through IP," Liu adds.