Updated: 9 23,2020 19:45 english.cnipa.gov.cn

Baidu recently hosted Baidu World 2020, where the company unveiled AI upgrades. Baidu Apollo demonstrated Fully Automated Driving in a livestream and unveiled the cutting-edge 5G Remote Driving Service. Baidu launched DuerOS 6.0 the latest version of its conversational AI system, as well as XiaoduPods that represent Baidu's first portable consumer electronics product. The Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Group released the innovative virtual assistant app Duxiaoxiao as part of its strategy to offer personalized services through mobile platforms. The company also announced that AI open platform Baidu Brain has been upgraded to version 6.0. 

——Baidu World 2020 Showcases AI Advancements for Empowering All Facets of Life, by PR Newswire


The AI products Baidu launched on the conference is an outcome of the efforts in innovation and IP portfolio, which further showcases its technical strength to the world.