The 20th TRIPO Heads Meeting Held
Updated: 12 09,2020

On December 1, the 20th TRIPO Heads Meeting was held online, attended by CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu, JPO Commissioner Kasutani Toshihide of Japan and KIPO Commissioner Kim Yong Rae of the Republic of Korea. The heads reviewed and commended the results of cooperation produced over the past year and exchanged ideas for future work.

Dr. Shen Changyu said that the trilateral relationship among the CNIPA, JPO and KIPO plays an important role in promoting regional innovation and economic and trade cooperation. Since its establishment in 2001, achievements were gained among the three offices in patent examinations, designs, trademarks, literature data exchanges, information automation, personnel training and patent reexaminations. This year, in particular, the three offices have further expanded their cooperation by making joint efforts in fighting against COVID-19, he added, hoping that they could continue to cooperate with each other and bring a positive impact on global IP-related issues.

Mr. Kasutani Toshihide and Mr. Kim Yong Rae also made positive remarks on the achievements of the three offices since the outbreak of the COVID-19 this year, believing that increasingly deepened cooperation in IP work has bolstered economic and trade development among the three countries.

At the meeting, the three offices briefed each other on the latest progress in IP work of their own respective countries, and had in-depth discussions on human resources, trademarks, re-examinations, design, the TRIPO user symposium and other content. The three offices also decided that the 21st TRIPO Heads Meeting would be hosted by CNIPA in 2021.

After the meeting, the three offices signed the Summary of the 20th TRIPO Heads Meeting.

TCS Secretary-General Michigami Hisashi spoke at the meeting. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)