Updated: 11 04,2020 english.cnipa.gov.cn

Recently, Tencent announce at the 83rd China International Medical Device Expo (CMEF) two new products that will enable consumers and medical professionals to safely and securely share medical data more easily, and equip medical professionals new tools to diagnose patients. The Tencent AIMIS Medical Image Cloud, where patients can manage their images generated by X-rays, CT, and MRIs to allow for safe and secure sharing of patient medical data. The Tencent AIMIS Open Lab will share Tencent's medical AI capabilities with third parties including scientific research institutions to incubate medical AI applications. 

——Tencent Announces AIMIS Medical Image Cloud and AIMIS Open Lab Help Medical Data Management and Accelerate Incubation of Medical AI Application, by PR Newswire


Faced with the increasing demand for healthcare services, Tencent constantly contributes to optimizing patent portfolio on advanced medical AI technologies. The new products the company has launched showcase its development in smart medical services along with the times.