Shen Changyu Attends the XXIV Rospatent International Conference Online
Updated: 10 29,2020

The XXIV Rospatent International Conference was held online from October 20th to 21st, at which CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu delivered a speech via video link.

Shen Changyu outlined how the CNIPA actively worked amid the epidemic to optimize IP services, protect users’ rights and interests, support market players to resume work and production and strengthen international communication and cooperation. He said the CNIPA has taken a series of measures to better respond to COVID-19, including setting up “green channels” for epidemic related patent and trademark applications, expanding telecommuting, as well as providing remedy measures like right restoration, less material submission and exemption of late fee and  annual fee payment. He proposed giving greater play to the role of IP in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and economic recovery and attaching importance to the application of emerging technologies in order to continuously enhance the social service capacity of IP agencies. He also noted that the CNIPA will continue to cooperate with relevant international organizations and IP agencies of various countries and regions to share information and experience, jointly cope with the challenges brought by emergencies to global IP service systems, guarantee their normal operation and provide better service for global users.

Rospatent Director General Grigory Ivliev and EAPO President Saule Tlevlessova also attended the conference. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)