Updated: 10 14,2020 10:34 english.cnipa.gov.cn

Large pork farms already have CCTV and sensors monitored by humans. For a few hundred pigs, it might be possible for a human to oversee operations. But for hundreds of thousands of pigs, where do you even begin? And for China to achieve its pork miracle, millions of pigs must be farmed. Alibaba Cloud offers farms a way to help sort through data using AI. In these large-scale farms, pigs are stamped with a unique identity mark on their bodies, similar to a QR code. That data is fed into a model made by Alibaba, which can monitor pigs in real time, using video, temperature and sound sensors. 

——How technology is transforming rural hog farming, by The Guardian


Improving quality and quantity of product cannot separate from technological support. Chinese high-tech companies like Alibaba have established trust among consumers by using AI to upgrade traditional farming model and build brand with high reputation.