Updated: 10 14,2020 10:32 english.cnipa.gov.cn

On auto China 2020, GWM's brand and product innovation was on full display. Not only did it engage Chinese actors to perform its new brand culture and user-focused scenarios to reach young consumers, but it also showcased a new product lineup that paves the path towards the future "intelligent" world. "Powered by advanced digital and new energy capabilities, our products have the strength to compete in the global marketplace," said Tony Sun, GWM Deputy General Manager of Overseas Marketing. "We hope to take this opportunity to showcase our innovative transformation to the global market and users, whom will see changes in our globalized model." 

——Rebranding and Innovation Power GWM's Intelligent Transformation, by Yahoo!


Thanks to its emphasis on innovation and brand building, GWM has made itself on the top of intelligent automobile sector, which in turn bolster its R&D capability and make homemade brand great.