IP publicity week highlights protection and innovation
Updated: 4 27,2022 Source:China IP News

The 2022 national IP publicity week, with the theme of "comprehensively boost China's competitiveness in the area of IPR" opened from April 20 to 26,adding special colors to April days.

Some fascinating publicity events have bolstered people's awareness of respecting and protecting IPR.

Twenty agencies including the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee are organizing over 70 publicity and education events in diverse forms, aiming to showcase the historic achievements on IP, inspire the respect and awareness of IP protection, set the right vibe for the implementation of the Outline on Building a IP Powerhouse Nation (2021-2035) and the National Plan on Protection and Use of IP during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period.

Innovation is the primary force directing development. China has made remarkable strides in innovative findings, which can be seen in all aspects of its innovation ecological system.

A set of data revealed in this event certifies the efforts China has made in IP sector. China's ranking in WIPO's Global Innovation Index moved up from No.22 in 2017 to No.12 in 2021, being one of the fastest and pacing all middle-income economies. Performance was especially phenomenal in some of the specific categories: top PCT filer for three consecutive years, hiking percentage of IP-generated earnings out of trade revenues, No.2 in number of technology clusters ranked in global 100, which can be construed as the nation's shift from an IP volume importer to a big IP innovator. WIPO also says China's upward momentum indicates the global innovation landscape is heading east.

IP protection is innovation protection. Enhancing IP protection, improving innovation environment and business environment have a more significant meaning during the current complicated international affairs, emergence of unilateralism and global spread of the Covid pandemic. It is also one of the key messages sent to the public during the publicity week.

IP protection in China has been enhanced notably in China. IP protection principles were added into the Civil Code. The latest round of amendments to the trademark law, patent law and copyright law gave birth to the highest punitive damage system in the world. Patents, trademarks, geographical indications, layout designs of integrated circuits are all administered under one roof now. The Supreme Court set up an IP tribunal while the Supreme Procuratorate organized an IP prosecution office. IP administrative protection became more powerful with constant running of enforcement and special campaigns. In the meantime, China facilitated the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances to formally enter into force, acceded to the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs, concluded an agreement on geographical indications with the European Union, and treated IPRs of local and foreign companies on equal footing. Public satisfaction over IP rose from 76.69 points in 2017 to a healthy 80.61 points in 2021.

During this publicity week, various agencies have been working closely, made use of various measures, showed a strong stance in enhancing IP protection in an effort to heighten market administration enforcement, elevate copyright administration efficiency, advance IP judicial protection, improve national technology programs, deliver harder strikes to IP crimes, improve the system governing new varieties of plants, promote international communication and negotiation, strengthen IP protection in the fields of healthcare and forestry/grassland, enhance public education, and advance solidly in building an IP powerhouse.