Chenggu County has a history of more than 2,000 years in planting tangerine. The hilly area extending more than 20 kilometers here is the northernmost high-quality tangerine production base in China. In order to popularize the local brand of tangerine, the Fruit Industry Technical Instruction Station of Chenggu County applied for the registration of geographical indication for Chenggu tangerine and obtained the authorization in 2009.

Chunhua enjoys sufficient sunlight with a big daytime-and-night temperature difference. Because of the advantageous geographical conditions, the local people in Chunhua have a long history in relying on buckwheat as staple food. Here, the three-edged grains of buckwheat are ground and pressed before being turned into round Hele Noodles, which is an authentic traditional folk snack. In 2008, the production technology of Chunhua Buckwheat Flour Hele was included in the list of the first batch of intangible cultural heritage in Xianyang. In 2010, the collective trademark of geographical indication for Chunhua Buckwheat Flour Hele got the permission for registration.

In recent years, Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province, known as the home of orange in the world, has made great efforts to carry out intellectual property right strategy and trademark & brand strategy around the industry of Gannan Navel Orange, aiming to become a national demonstration production area with the advantage of tangerine. In 2009, the trademark with geographical indication for Gannan Navel Orange was approved for registration. The local people in the southern part of Jiangxi have found a right path for increasing incomes and getting rich through developing the industry of Gannan Navel Orange. With Gannan Navel Orange being a characteristic industry, the navel orange tree has become a means for developing the local agriculture and accumulating wealth for the farmers.

Since ancient times, Guizhou is well-known for its tea. Meitan Green Bud is one of the most famous varieties. In 2017, Meitan Green Bud became a product with national geographical indication, which enhances its popularity, reputation and influence. As a result, its market share is enlarged.

Jiangsu Lingyou Rice Co., Ltd. is the enterprise using the trademark with geographical indication for Huaian Rice. It provides free fine seeds for farmers and gives incentives to encourage them to plant Huaian Rice through raising the purchasing prices. It is reported that its sales volume is increased by more than 60% after using the trademark with geographical indication for Huaian Rice.

Huanglong Walnut is an iconic product with geographical indication in Huanglong County, Yan’an City. Over the years, Huanglong County unswervingly keeps the leading position of the walnut industry. It gives top priority to the strengthening of management while expanding the scale of walnut planting steadily. With a series of policies put in place, the development of the walnut industry in Huanglong County has achieved initial results, presenting a promising momentum in growth.

In March of this year, the list for the first group of products for mutual recognition and guarantee under the Agreement between the European Union and the Government of PRC on Cooperation on and Protection of Geographical Indications was formally released. Jinzhou Pear, a product with geographical indication and having the trademark with geographical indication in Hebei Province, is on the list. Jinzhou Pear was approved for the registration of the trademark with geographical indication in 2012. After nearly one decade’s development, it has become a local characteristic industry with an annual output of 120,000 tons and a figure of 50,000 tons in export per year.

Relying on its high-quality raw materials and unique processing technology, Pixian Bean Paste is known for its unique sauce and ester fragrance characteristic of “brown color, oiliness, sauce and ester fragrance, and umami and hot flavor”. In April 2000, the trademark with geographical indication for Pixian Bean Paste was approved for the registration; in December 2005, Pixian Bean Paste was put under protection for the product with geographical indication. At present, the industry of Pixian Bean Paste with geographical indication has become a pillar for local residents in increasing incomes and raising living standards.

In the workshop of Muxiyuan Nutritious Food Co., Ltd. in Pucheng County, Fujian Province, the workers are scooping out the sweet-scented osmanthus after the cleaning process. Pucheng Sweet-scented Osmanthus has a large flower with thick petals, sweet but not oily. In 2010, Pucheng Sweet-scented Osmanthus was put under protection as a product with geographical indication.

On land of more than 5.82 million mu in Tongchuan, the area planting fruit trees accounts for nearly 1/10. Among them, Tongchuan Apple is outstanding no matter in output or in the value of output. It has been on the list of public brand value for fruit areas in China for years in succession, and moreover, it was included into the mutual recognition list under the Agreement between the European Union and the Government of PRC on Cooperation on and Protection of Geographical Indications at the beginning of this year.

Xuyi County, located at the lower reaches of Huaihe River, is rich in water resources. Its rice paddy fields are up to 1.2 million mu with nearly 1 million um suitable for the coexistence of rice and shrimp. Relying on the advantageous natural conditions, the lobster cultivation in Xuyi County is expanding constantly and constant improvement is made in the cultivating and processing technology of lobster. Now, the brand of Xuyi Lobster has become a household name.

Yungaisi Dried Noodles has a long standing reputation for its white color, long and thin shape, hollow but straight stem, and soft and smooth mouth-feel. In 2017, it became a product with geographical indication under protection in our country.

Zhashui Wood Ear is a trademark with geographical indication. In recent years, Zhashui County in Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province regards the wood ear industry as a leading industry for increasing the incomes of farmers. It is making all-out efforts to boost the development of the wood ear industry in terms of standard, quality and brand.