Exhibition on China’s major scientific accomplishments during 13th Five-Year Plan period held in Beijing

A 600 kph high-speed maglev train

China Circulator No. 2 M of China’s new generation of “artificial sun”

A model of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System

A model of Tianhe core module large-column segment of China’s pace station

A model of “Jiuzhang” quantum computer

Models of China’s space station and Long March series carrier rockets

Lunar soil sample

An industrial robot is threading

Automatic charging system that can recharge a driverless electric bus during the passenger exchange

A staff member is introducing the modern farming technology of smart agaric greenhouse of Zhashui County of Shaanxi Province to the audience

Domestic bobsleighs (two-man and four-man)

Experience of VR technology to be used at this year’s winter Olympics

A model of the speed skating arena (the Ice Ribbon) for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Handheld torches of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics