The unforgettable taste of Hele Photo by Zengjia/China IP News

Abundant sunshine and large temperature difference between day and night in Chunhua County are good for the growth of buckwheat and the accumulation of nutrient substance, which lays a favorable material basis for the popularity of Chunhua hele (a kind of noodles made mainly of buckwheat).

After reaping, the inedible black hulls are removed before milling.

Flour newly processed from new buckwheat of the very year has the best quality, which is white, bright, fine and smooth and can be stored in a cool and ventilated place for use.

The dough is mainly composed of buckwheat, with a moderate amount of wheat flour. They are then mixed with warm water with a small amount of alkaline. Water is added little by little during kneading. The dough is kneaded until non-sticky, pliable and tough with a smooth surface before being pressed into noodles.

Hele was traditionally pressed with a wooden machine tool, which required several people to operate. With the improved machine tool and cooking bench, it only requires one person to make it now.

The thin and long hele noodle is pliable, chewy while also smooth.

Mutton soup is the best soup to boil the hele, which is mild both in taste and aroma.

The thick chili oil above the soup seems very spicy, but it is actually very mild and can make the noodle palatable to wake up your appetite.