The 19th Shanghai International IP Forum Held Successfully
Updated: 12 09,2022

The 19th Shanghai International Intellectual Property Forum, themed on "Strengthening IP Industrialization and Fueling the Innovative Growth of SMEs", was opened in Shanghai on November 18. Shanghai Party Secretary Chen Jining addressed the event. Shanghai Deputy Party Secretary/Mayor Gong Zheng joined CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) Commissioner Shen Changyu to inaugurate Shanghai IP Protection Center. Daren Tang, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) made an online speech.

In his speech, Shanghai Party Secretary Chen noted the 20th CPC National Congress has sparked a new journey to build a modern socialist country in all respects and pointed strategic directions for bolstering IP work. Shanghai will carry out Chairman Xi Jinping's important instructions on IP work, fully put CPC Central Committee's decisions and deployments into operation, spare no effort to build an international IP center city based on the strategic positioning of the "Five Centers", provide robust support for speeding up the construction of a socialist, modern and international metropolis with world influence.

Chen said that Shanghai will take the most stringent measures to intensify IP protection, optimize rapid and coordinated IP protection, mechanism of diversified dispute settlement, and enhance effective collaboration between IP administrative enforcement and criminal justice, focus on innovative policy supply for new sectors and promote co-governance of IP protection in Yangtze Delta region. The city will use more effective public services to inspire IP values, deepen reform in IP benefit-distribution system at universities and research institutes, and strive to cultivate high-valued patents. Shanghai intends to attract a number of international, market-oriented professional service providers to base in the city, where market-oriented IP operation services will be refined. The city will take advantage of its roles as the innovation center and financial center to better empower emerging sectors and ramp up IP value. Shanghai will boost IP cooperation with a more open stance, profoundly integrate into the global innovation network, actively participate in IP governance in the WIPO framework, and endeavor to become a favored place for dispute resolution in the international IP domain. SMEs are the main forces for innovation, key creators of IPRs and beneficiaries and advocates of IP value materialization. Chen expected the guests to offer valuable ideas surrounding the Forum topics and eventually inspire the innovative dynamics of SMEs. SMEs are the main forces for innovation, key creators of IPRs, beneficiaries and advocates of IP values. Chen expected the participants to offer valuable ideas on the forum topics and eventually inspire the innovative dynamics of SMEs.

Shen said in his speech that SMEs are instrumental in securing stable and healthy economic growth. The Forum focuses on "Strengthening IP Industrialization and Fueling the Innovative Growth of SMEs", which is a concrete action in response to the instructions made at the 20th CPC National Congress. In recent years, CNIPA has been studying with the utmost attention and efforts the important instructions of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping, decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, exerting efforts to promote the IP strategy for SMEs, strengthen the IP creation, protection, use, management, and service, and enhance the effectiveness of IP transfer and industrialization, and support the development of the real economy. He expected the participants to discuss the Forum topics in depth, look for effective means for IP to assist SME development, and make great contributions to stable and healthy growth of economy.

Tang noted that Shanghai is well-established as a leading center of IP activities. Shanghai-Suzhou obtains the 6th place in WIPO's ranking of the world's Top 100 Sci-tech Clusters. The Shanghai Government gives priority to IP development. Policies such as the Guideline on Building the City into an IP Powerhouse and the 14th Five-Year Plan on IP protection and Utilization offer a clear road map for the way ahead. Shanghai takes a holistic approach to strengthening its IP ecosystem, including through close collaboration with WIPO. WIPO is seeing strong progress in this regard and looking forward to continuing the excellent cooperation.

Chen Qun, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Hu Wenhui, Deputy Commissioner of CNIPA, and Liu Hua, Special Representative of WIPO Director General for the Forum and Director of WIPO Office in China, presented the 4th  WIPO-Shanghai IP-Innovation Awards to the winning organizations and individuals.

The Shanghai International Intellectual Property Forum was hosted by the CNIPA, WIPO and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. Participants shared their wisdom on "Leveraging IP industrialization services and fueling high-quality industrial development", "Open innovation and intellectual property appropriation for SME growth", "Innovation in intellectual property operation boosts the development of SMEs" and other topics.

During his stay in Shanghai, Shen and his team also held a round-table on enforcing IPRs overseas, and visited China State Shipbuilding Corporation and Shanghai IP Protection Center, having profound discussions with Shanghai IP authorities, representatives of companies and legal service providers, understanding their needs face-to-face, listening to their advice point-to-point and striving to seek effective solutions.(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)