"Created in China" Illuminates CPC Centenary Ceremonies
Updated: 7 14,2021 Source:China IP News

Products laden with self-generated IPRs such as blazing fireworks, flowing lights and thudding 100-round cannon guns showcased at both the art performance and the assembly celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), leaving one unforgettable moment after another.

A grand gathering held at Tian'anmen Square was broadcast on national TV by China Media Group (CMG) on July 1. The stunning images of the majestic Tian'anmen Rostrum, the heroic nation flag guards and the touching chorus were captrued by the cableway cameras named "Aquila" and "Lyra", both patented products developed by China Media Group.

Backed by nine invention patents, the "Aquila" camera is nimble at moving to all directions on the cableway, and capable of capturing Tian'anmen Square at the most panoramic view. It was also the first time that the"Aquila" and "Lynra" cameras worked side by side. A CMC executive said in order to ensure the operation of the dual cableways, they employed the heavy-duty telescopic rocker lift, a kind of high-end auxiliary shooting equipment solely developed by Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Four green telescopic rocker lifts erected the cableways of "Aquila" and "Lynna" at the four corners of Tian'anmen Square. These long-armed "little green corps" who participated in the shooting are over 60 meters high with bigger mechanical deformation, more joints, heavier loads and larger vibration amplitude. In this regard, common vibration reduction methods cannot meet the requirements of such large-scale shooting operations. Zoomlion, after years of research, has made breakthroughs in the core technology of boom vibration control by achieving accurate measurements, correct calculations and good control in terms of three vibration control links including vibration information measurement, excitation calculation of vibration damping and vibration damping control, which controls the vibration reduction of long-boom construction machinery in a precise, efficient, stable and active way under different postures and working conditions. Surrounding this technology, Zoomlion was granted for the applied patent named "a boom vibration control method, control device, control system and construction machinery", according to a Zoomlion IP executive.

The art performance named "The Great Journey", marking the 100th anniversary of the CPC founding, was held at the National Stadium that was shined with dazzling light art shows and radiant lights on June 28. Over 4,000 lights used for the stage performances were all designed and produced by Chinese companies. Intelligent LED profile lights used on stage came from Guangzhou Dream Lighting Equipment Co.,Ltd. Owner of multiple lighting-related patents including "a stage light" patent and "a CMY color mixer for stage lights" patent, Dream Lighting Equipment has produced stage lights with characteristics of high color rendering index and strong light efficiency, which realizes the light requirements of cutting straight without arc and perfect linear dimming.

When the sky above the Stadium was illuminated by brilliant fireworks again and again, the audience's enthusiasm was also ignited. Those set-off fireworks named Liuyang fireworks were produced by Dancing Fireworks Co., Ltd. In Liuyang, Hunan province, thousands of kilometers away from Beijing. Dancing Fireworks, as one of the companies approved to use the special trademark of "Liuyang Firework" geographical indication, was responsible for producing and displaying fireworks. Compared with the past tasks, this show was tight in preparation time and stringent in requirements, with special requirements on launch height, explosion intensity and hang time of high-altitude firework shells and the flame-out height 1.6 times higher than the national standard. In order to ensure safety and reduce impact on the surrounding environment and the Stadium's top protective film, Dancing Fireworks' research team has developed a small-sized firework launching device and an arc launching device that can adjust angles by adopting the new paper-free technology of compounding the inner ring and outer ring, which will not produce any paper scraps after being set off.

A century of prosperity has been flourishing with IPR strutting its stuff. Chinese firms, by virtue of independent innovation, have showcased their responsibility and duties for self-reliance in science and technology.