Updated: 3 31,2021

Huawei launched the Smart Customs Solution globally during the Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021. This solution uses technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, FlexE-based network slicing, iLossless algorithm, and AI knowledge graph to achieve wide coverage and full connection in all customs scenarios, ensuring low latency and zero packet loss for core services. It also shortened the mean time to repair (MTTR) from 4 hours to 10 minutes, greatly improving user experience.

——Huawei Smart Customs Solution: Making Cross-Border Trade Easier and Secured, by PR Newswire


Customs is playing a more important role in promoing countries' economic development in the mid of globlization. Huawei will help foster the digital transformation wordwide and create a safer and more convenient cross-border trade environment by using technologies with self-reliant IPRs.