Milestones in IP Collaboration Between The Intellectual Property Office of the UK (IPO UK) and China National Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA) in The Past 25 Years
Updated: 12 15,2021 Source:China IP News

●1996, October. CNIPA and IPO UK signed the MOU on Bilateral Cooperation, formally established the bilateral cooperation relationship.

●2004, September. CNIPA and IPO UK signed the Bilateral Agreement on Implementing Cooperative Activities in the Year 2005.

●2009, February. CNIPA and IPO UK singed A Framework for Action on Bilateral Cooperation in the Year 2009, as one of the deliverables of the UK-China High-level Summit.

●2011, June. During the Prime Ministers' bilateral meeting, premiers of the UK and China announced to hold the UK-China IP Symposium. To implement the outcome of the conference, in December, the first UK-China IP Symposium was held in the UK.

●2012, May. First patent examiner technical exchange held in China on computer programming and software.

●2013, December. Witnessed by the national leaders of UK and China, CNIPA and IPO UK signed the Joint Statement on the Pilot Programme of Patent Prosecution Highway(PPH).

●2014, August-September. Intellectual Property Minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe visited China and attended the second UK-China IP Symposium. Baroness Neville-Rolfe had a bilateral meeting with China's State Councillor Wang Yong, both parties spoke highly of the IP cooperation between UK and China.

●2014, September. Commissioner Shen Changyu led a delegation to the UK for the first time, met with Baroness Neville-Rolfe and IPO CEO John Alty. In the meeting, 2015 Bilateral Work Plan was signed.

●2016, July. CNIPA and IPO UK announced to extend the PPH cooperation indefinitely.

●2016, August. Third UK-China IP Symposium held in China. IPO UK formally became a member of CNIPA's Cloud Patent Examination System (CPES).

●2017, September. Forth UK-China IP Symposium held in the UK.

●2017, November. Tim Moss visited China for the first time as the new IPO CEO and signed the 2018 Work Plan with Commissioner Shen Changyu in the bilateral meeting.

●2019, November. IPO CEO Tim Moss visited China and signed the 2020 Work Plan with Commissioner Shen Changyu, which extended two offices' cooperation to the trade mark field for the first time.

●2020, November. Commissioner Shen Changyu and IPO CEO Tim Moss held the bilateral meeting virtually and signed the 2021 Bilateral Work Plan.

●2020, December. First trade mark examiner exchange held virtually, formally extended the in-depth technical exchange to the trade mark field.