CNIPA Hosts ID5 Annual Meeting 2021
Updated: 11 19,2021

On November 1-2, the ID5 partners held their 7th Annual Meeting virtually, hosted by CNIPA.

CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu and WIPO Director General Daren Tang spoke at the opening ceremony. Mr. Christian Archambeau, Executive Director of the EUIPO, Mr. Yasuda Futoshi, Director General of Patent and Design Examination Department, JPO, Mr. Mok Seong-ho, Director General of Trademark and Design Examination Bureau, KIPO, and Ms. Mary Critharis, Chief Policy Officer and Director for International Affairs, USPTO, attended the meeting with their respective delegations. The WIPO delegation was present at the meeting as an observer. During the course of the meeting, the five offices signed an Agreed Statement on the ID5 Cooperation.

Dr. Shen provided an overview of the latest progress in China's IP work and highly appreciated the fruitful results of the ID5 cooperation. He said that industrial design is an important category of IPRs and plays a unique role in promoting economic recovery and meeting people's pursuit of a better life in the post-epidemic era. According to Shen, China is making efforts to accelerate its accession to the system governed by the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs, in a bid to promote "created in China", "designed in China" and "made in China" to the world. He hoped that the partner offices can work to promote the establishment of an efficient, universal and inclusive industrial design protection system under the new situation, in order to protect design innovation in a better way.

In Mr. Daren Tang's opinion, the ID5 Forum has been successfully interacting with small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthening the connection of IPRs and the field of design, and further promoting the improvement of global design systems and providing support for innovation in the field of industrial design. He hoped that the ID5 could continue to strengthen cooperation with WIPO, in order to provide more friendly and convenient services for global users.

The Agreed Statement recognized the importance of cooperating on the use of digital and emerging technological means to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, protect design innovation and facilitate economic recovery and high-quality development between the five offices. The Statement will be released after various offices complete the approval process.

At the private session held on November 1, representatives of the five offices updated participants on progress in a number of cooperation projects, exchanged ideas on 13 projects, and agreed to the completion of three projects on the exchange of digital documents on the priority of industrial designs between the five offices, the research on quality management, and the digital resources of non-patent literature (NPL). Among many other issues covered, the operating procedures of the ID5 cooperation were amended and the plan to draft a directive manual on the image submission of industrial designs was announced.

At the annual users conference held on November 2, the ID5 partner offices reported on the progress in their work and introduced the outcomes of the private session. Participants exchanged views on key issues of users' concern in the field of industrial design during the COVID-19 pandemic, including changes in users' application behavior during the pandemic, expansion of the application scenarios of online communication, and enhancement of service digitization. A number of Chinese enterprises including HONOR attended the meeting on behalf of China's industrial circles.

CNIPA Deputy Commissioner Gan Shaoning spoke at the users conference. He said that the ID5 Forum is committed to providing better protection for users' innovative designs. Since the forum was created in 2015, the five partner offices have attached great importance to users' opinions and formed a number of achievements that meet users' needs. "We hope that the five offices will continue to improve their service levels to better meet users' needs," he added.(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)