He Zhimin Leads Delegation to Attend Meeting of IP5 Deputy Heads of Office
Updated: 5 21,2014

A few days ago, the 11th Meeting of IP5 Deputy Heads of Office for China, the U.S., EU, Japan and South Korea was held in Daejeon, South Korea. The State Intellectual Property Office's (SIPO) Deputy Commissioner He Zhimin led a delegation and attended the meeting. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) sent officials to attend the meeting as observers.

The meeting included the latest progress and report of achievements from the three work groups and Patent Harmonization Experts Panel for IP5 cooperation, and adopted a follow-up Work Plan for IP5 cooperation.

At the meeting, SIPO gave a keynote speech on "Cloud Patent Examination Solution", "Common PPH Request Form", "Common Examination Practice Rules and Quality Management" and "Common Statistical Parameters for Examination". The five Offices also fully exchanged views on issues including global dossier, patent information policy, work sharing and timeliness, and the update of http://www.fiveipoffices.org/index.html.