Shanghai Implanting Gene of Intellectual Property into Reform and Opening-up


As a bellwether of reform and opening-up and a foregoer of innovative development, Shanghai is a reliable witness to China’s reform and opening-up during its 40 years of development. 

China's chip industry lagged behind on the whole in the initial stage of reform and opening-up. Shanghai Belling, China’s first Sino-foreign joint venture in microelectronic industry, introduced foreign advanced technologies and built China's first 4"/3μm chip production line for digital program controlled switch, which promoted the revitalization of China's microelectronic industry and program controlled landline communication industry. Over the years, this enterprise has mastered many core technologies and possessed 187 invention patents through independent R&D. In addition to new development of high-tech enterprises, Shanghai has also seen the transformation and upgrading and brand development of traditional ones. 

With the derivation of such institutions as Shanghai Branch of Patent Office of the People’s Republic of China, Shanghai Patent Administration and Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration since 1980, intellectual property work of Shanghai was transformed into a full-chain system covering intellectual property creation, application, protection, management and service from the simple administrative enforcement of patent and publicity and training in the early stage. Particularly during the recent decade, Shanghai keeps improving the construction of intellectual property system by making and implementing intellectual property strategy. What is worth mentioning is that Shanghai issued the first local intellectual property strategy outline Shanghai Intellectual Property Strategy Outline (2004-2010) in September 2004 and issued Shanghai Intellectual Property Strategy Outline (2011-2020) in 2012, pointing out that great efforts should be made to build Shanghai into a central city for intellectual property in the Asia-Pacific Region with a complete protection system and sound service system where innovative elements and top-level talents gather together.

Reform and exploration have been deeply rooted in the gene of Shanghai over the years of development, and so is the intellectual property work. In recent years, Shanghai keeps deepening the reform in intellectual property system and mechanism. In 2014, the agency for intellectual property management integrating patent, trademark and copyright was established in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone; in December of the same year, Shanghai Intellectual Property Court was unveiled, being among China's first batch of such courts. In 2015, Pudong New Area of Shanghai took the lead in establishing the intellectual property office integrating patent, trademark and copyright. In 2017, China (Pudong) Intellectual Property Protection Center was established for collaborative protection work of intellectual property covering quick review, quick right authentication and quick right protection; Xuhui District of Shanghai was included in China's first batch of pilot reform areas for intellectual property comprehensive management, focusing on intellectual property-related affairs covering patent, trademark and copyright.

Internationally, Shanghai actively carries out intellectual property cooperation and exchange. Shanghai Municipal People's Government and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Developing Cooperation in Intellectual Property, and have jointly held four sessions of Shanghai International Intellectual Property Forum, which successfully promoted WIPO to settle China's first summer school program of intellectual property and high-end talent training program in Shanghai. Besides, they have also held senior training classes for effective application of WIPO intellectual property service system and WIPO intellectual property arbitration and mediation seminars for many times. In the meanwhile, supported by WIPO, State Intellectual Property Office and Shanghai Municipal People's Government, China’s one and only International College of Intellectual Property was established in Tongji University, serving as a cradle to cultivate intellectual property talents. 

According to Deputy Director General of Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration Rui Wenbiao, "Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration is working hard to deepen the intellectual property strategy and accelerating the cultivation of new power for intellectual property development. We are making efforts to build a full-chain system interlinking intellectual property creation, application, protection, management and service and make more contributions to building Shanghai Technology Innovation Center and the central city for intellectual property in the Asia-Pacific Region."(Translated from SIPO Website Chinese Version)