Secrets to the Sustainable and Rapid Economic and Social Development of Xiamen


In brilliant city landscapes, the innovation stands out from others, and where there is the source of innovation, there is endless source of power for intellectual property. 

As stated by the Director of Xiamen Intellectual Property Office Lu Linbing, in the era of knowledge economy, the intellectual property gradually develops into a core element that builds competition advantages and stimulates regional innovation vigor, plays an important role in the development of regional economy, and provides significant support for the high-quality development of Xiamen, which disclosed the secrets to the rapid and sustainable social and economic development of Xiamen over the 40 years since the reform and opening-up. 

Stimulate creation so that innovation becomes the endogenous power for corporate development. From following to leading and from white-labeling to brand creation, Xiamen sanitary industry is stepping on the path of self development and self-created brand, with numerous inventions and patents created and a number of well-known enterprises leading the industrial development emerging. The increasing industrial cluster advantages also bring out the charm of Xiamen sanitary industry. 

Attract and retain investors with strict protection. Xiamen has long history and unique charm and is a hot land for innovation and startup. Xiamen Free Trade Zone takes the courage to make innovations, takes the lead in actively exploring new mode and new approaches for IP protection within the area, establishes a new supervision mechanism based on comprehensive supervision and supported by specialized supervision to form a linked law enforcement cooperation mechanism in the areas of IP and cultural market so that cross-department, cross-region, and cross-area efficient and unhindered law enforcement cooperation will be effected. Jointly forge a business-friendly and business-protective environment within Xiamen Free Trade Zone, build a new pattern for IP protection with multiple parties participating, collectively promoted, with mutual benefits, and under social governance, and create good business environment so that enterprises have confidence in innovation and development.  

Effective utilize and expand enterprise value realization channels. Give play to the geo-advantage of Xiamen and its role as bridge head, explore to establish an IP bank between Taiwan and Mainland, establish financial entities targeted at Taiwan and Mainland and serving the creation and application of IP, take different advantages of state-owned capital, capitals from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, and private capital, provide professional, standard, and international high-quality and low-risk IP financial services, and establish a comprehensive service system for IP finance and operation centered on such financial services and covering the whole value chain for IP marketization.   

As stated by Lu Linbing, “IP is the prime power and new engine for a city to usher in new future. It is a must in the process of implementing innovation-driven development strategy for Xiamen Special Economic Zone to implement IP strategies, development IP undertaking, and build a strong IP city”, and supported by the only national cross-strait and “the Belt and Road” IP economic development pilot policy, Xiamen will actively build a system for great protection, great application, and great service of IP, create a strong IP city “keeping pace with the international society, leading the whole country, and supporting regions” in order to make contributions for Xiamen to establish a modern economic system and make explorations for national innovation and development and widening of openness.(Translated from SIPO Website Chinese Version)