Hainan Combining a Series of Policies on Intellectual Property – to Promote Standardized, Industrialized and Branded Agriculture


“Long time no see, my old and new friends. We expect to see each other often.” A folk song of Middle Hainan expresses people’s yearning for Hainan. 

Born for reform and prospered by reform. Thanks to the 30 years of magnificent course of struggle and ceaseless practice in exploration, the former tropical island is leaping to a beautiful and prosperous international tourism island and dynamic special economic zone. The thirty-year-old Hainan province is an important witness to China’s reform and opening-up.

 “To transform and upgrade the traditional agriculture to a standardized, branded and industrial modern one. To make the tropical featured agriculture stronger, finer and better, and make it a real competitive industry and a trump card for Hainan’s economy.” By saying this, General Security Xi Jinping’s suggested the development direction for Hainan’s tropical featured agriculture in the new age.
Hainan is China’s one and only tropical island province, with the tropical acreage accounting for 42.5% of the whole country. Before the establishment of the province, 80% of its food, livestock and poultry depended on external supply. But now it reliably supply of fresh vegetables and fruits for the whole country. Such stupendous changes are what Hainan has experienced over the past 30 years of its agricultural development.

Hainan’s agriculture is also in the critical period of transformation and upgrading here and now and is faced with a series of problems such as relatively extensive development pattern, tighter resource and environmental constraint, overall low subjective quality and prominent structural contradictions. To speed up transformation in agricultural development pattern and promote optimization in agricultural structure requires strengthening technological innovation and enhancing intellectual property.

To give full play to the role of patent collaboration and support technology R&D of featured advantageous industries, Hainan vigorously constructs industrial intellectual property service alliances and has established 6 intellectual property alliances including Intellectual Property Alliance for Hainan Tropical Featured High-efficiency Agriculture.
Fushan coffee, Qiaotou sweet potato, selenium-rich orange…… All these organic agricultural products selling well both at home and abroad are from Hainan. Favorable natural environment and rich tropical resources have formed rich excellent agricultural varieties. Brand building is a key step to promote quantitative change to qualitative change of modern agriculture.

To make up for the short slab that there is insufficient high-quality and effective agricultural supply due to accelerated upgrading in market consumption structure causes insufficient, Hainan has made efforts in such aspects as support policies, industrial standardization and industrial development pattern and focuses on structural adjustment, standardization transformation and industrial integration. As a result, Hainan’s tropical agriculture has achieved both quality and efficiency improvement and in particular, driven by protected geographical indication products, its tropical high-efficiency agriculture has stepped on the path of high-quality development.

Hainan has created a new world with such series of combined policies on intellectual property, and it will vigorously march toward the goal of building the economic “trump card” of tropical featured agriculture.(Translated from SIPO Website Chinese Version)