Online Learning Activities on Intellectual Property for Primary and Middle School Students Held in Ningxia

In order to popularize IP education in primary and middle schools, on the occasion of the 20th World Intellectual Property Day and in consideration of the control of COVID-19, the Intellectual Property Office of Market Supervision and Administration Office of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region cooperated with education sectors to organize the teachers and students from five pilot demonstration schools of IP education in Ningxia to participate in the online learning activities on intellectual property.

The learning activities accorded with the teaching schedule of live online classes in primary and middle schools in Ningxia. The teachers and students from the pilot administration schools watched the online courses made by the Education and Training Base for Primary and Middle Schools of the CNIPA, as well as the launching ceremony, "Cloud Open Day" and public welfare lectures of the CNIPA National IP Publicity Week 2020. These learning activities have laid a good foundation for the future pilot and demonstration of intellectual property education in primary and middle schools. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)