IP Training Class Held by Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office

On April 30, during the National IP Publicity Week 2020, Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office organized an IP training class, jointly with the Administrative Committee of the Dongchuan Industrial Park of Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone. The class aimed to further improve the park's capability and quality of IP management. Over 50 IP management personnel, technical research and development personnel from 47 enterprises in the park participated in the training.

The lecturers introduced the basics of intellectual property, its exploration and protection, and interpreted relevant policies through numerous examples. The class led the enterprises to develop the concept that protecting IP rights is to protect innovation, enhance the awareness of IP protection, strengthen IP management, and improve their ability of innovative development.

As a next step, Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office will stick to the problem-oriented and goal-oriented approaches, continue its cooperation with the Park's Management Committee and IP agencies, survey and study the Park in depth, learn in detail the needs of the enterprises within, expand the IP assistance services, and guarantee the innovative and healthy development of the enterprises. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)