IP Publicity Week Events in Yunnan Province Launched Comprehensively

From April 20 to 26, Yunnan Province launched the province-wide IP Publicity Week events with the theme of "Intellectual Property and Healthy China". On April 20, Information Office of the People's Government of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Administration for Market Regulation and Intellectual Property Office of Yunnan Province jointly held the launching ceremony of IP Publicity Week 2020 of Yunnan Province & press conference in Kunming City, marking the comprehensive launch of the events.

During the Publicity Week, provincial and local efforts were integrated to launch the events. Mainstream media stationed in Yunnan reported the news about the events. Various prefectures and cities held diversified activities. For example, Qujing City launched the "Square Day" activity on IP publicity and IP publicity activities in enterprises, communities and campuses; Pu'er City opened a special column on Puer Daily for the Publicity Week events focusing on "Intellectual Property and Healthy China"; Baoshan City held the "Training Course on Geographical Indication Application Promotion and Protection Management in Baoshan City"; Dehong Autonomous Prefecture held the joint conference on IP strategy implementation, introduced the status of IP development and protection and launched the "online + offline" IP publicity service activities. Efforts were also made to promote the realization of IP value. Since April 20, major media including Xinhua News Agency and Yun Ling Xian Feng reported the latest progress of Yunnan Province in IP cause and reported that the number of invention patents per 10,000 heads in Yunnan was 2.85. IP was applied to help enterprises resume work. Market regulation departments of the whole province gave full play to the role of IP in financing as a bailout for enterprises by accelerating IP commercialization and optimizing measures for IP services. In doing so, they fully demonstrated the new progress, new look, new experience and new achievements of the whole province in epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development supported by IP and created a sound atmosphere for building healthy China.