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Animated Series "I Am also an Inventor" Premiered in Beijing

On April 26, at CNIPA's "Cloud Open Day" event, the Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. released the animated series "I Am also an Inventor." The series aims to enhance young people's awareness of invention and creation and intellectual property protection.

"I Am also an Inventor" is adapted from the synonymous book, with a preface by renowned "fairy tale king" Mr. Zheng Yuanjie. In the preface, he gives a strong call that "to spark children's imagination means a lot for the future of the country and the nation."

This animated series unfolds an invention and IPR protection story featuring the protagonist Quan Xiaole. The story aims to inspire the imagination and creativity of young people and increase their IPR protection awareness. The cartoon will be broadcast online in the second half of this year and on CCTV Children's Channel in early 2021 during children's winter break.  (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)