Long-distance Walk at the National IP Publicity Week launched in Beijing

The singing birds and fragrant flowers witnessed the launch of the Long-distance Walk at the National IP Publicity Week in Beijing Olympic Forest Park at 10:00 am of April 21.

As China is preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu stated at the site that the Long-distance Walk expressed CNIPA’s working concept of implementing and supporting nationwide fitness activities through practical actions, which would vigorously promote the deep integration of IP culture and sportsmanship. He hoped that all the cadres and workers of CNIPA could take this opportunity to further build consensus and gather their energy to march towards the dream and the future with good health, and devote themselves with good health to turning China into a country with strong IPRs.

Led by Shen Changyu, the CNIPA’s leaders in Beijing, including Gan Shaoning, He Zhimin, Liao Tao and Zhao Gang, as well as the Patent Office’s deputy directors Xu Zhijiang and Xu Cong, together with more than 500 cadres and workers of CNIPA, were in uniforms and marched towards the destination of the 5km walk in high spirit.

The event echoed with the theme of the 19th World Intellectual Property Day of “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”, with the purpose of strengthening IP publicity and enhancing the IP awareness of the whole society, which was a highlight of the National IP Publicity Week this year. During the event, the high-spirited participants were holding high the banners of their own departments and stepping with vigorous strides to share the joy of long-distance walk, which also attracted many citizens to join them. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)