News Conference on the Status of IP Protection of Heilongjiang Province in 2018 Held

On the morning of April 23, News Conference on the “Status of IP Protection of Heilongjiang Province in 2018” was held. Deputy Commissioner Sun Jingyi of Heilongjiang Intellectual Property Office delivered the keynote speech on behalf of the Provincial Leading Group Office for the Formulation and Implementation of Intellectual Property Strategies. Principals of the Third Civil Division of the Higher People’s Court of Heilongjiang Province, related principals of Copyright Administration Office of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the CPC (Provincial Copyright Administration) attended and answered the IP-related questions of reporters.

2018 marked the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. According to Sun Jingyi, related departments of IP have carried out the intellectual property strategies in depth and made solid progress in building a province with strong IPRs. Good results have been achieved in IP-related work in the whole province. IP protection has been practically strengthened, the vigor of innovation has been continuously released, the application efficiency has been further demonstrated, protection has been intensified, the management capacity has been improved, the service level has been enhanced and the development environment has been optimized.

Reporters raised questions on the working approach of the provincial Intellectual Property Office towards geographical indication application and identification in 2019, work focus of the Higher People’s Court in 2019, measures of the Provincial Copyright Administration for IP work and the benefits for enterprises to apply for customs IP protection. And principals of related departments gave detailed answers. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)