Launch Ceremony of the 2019 Qinghai IP Publicity Week Activities Held in Xining

On April 19, Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Qinghai Province held the Launch Ceremony of the “2019 Qinghai IP Publicity Week Activities” & Seminar in Xining. The Conference was directed by Qi Chimin, member of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Deputy Director of the Bureau. Ma Ji, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Director of the Bureau gave a speech.

Ma Ji highly affirmed the achievements made in IP work of Qinghai Province in the past year in his speech. According to him, the IP creation and application capacity of Qinghai Province has been significantly improved and IP protection is being intensified. IP is playing a supporting role in service innovation and economic development and IP service industry is developing by leaps and bounds. He stressed that the Bureau would continue to strictly implement the decisions and deployments of State Administration for Market Regulation, CNIPA and the Provincial Party Committee and the People’s Government of the Province, thoroughly put into practice the action plan on national IP strategy, strengthen IP creation, protection and application, support innovation-driven development in a better way, thoroughly implement the “Five Fours” strategy and strive to carry forward “One Priority and Two High-quality” strategy, in order to elevate IP creation quality, comprehensively strengthen IP protection, protect the lawful rights and interests of innovators, stimulate the innovation enthusiasm of various main market players and strive to foster a favorable business environment.

The IP Publicity Week is held from April 19 to 26 with the theme of “Strengthen Intellectual Property Protection and Foster Favorable Business Environment”. During the period, diversified forms of activities will be held to publicize the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on IP work, advertise and exhibit the policies and measures of Qinghai Province on IP creation, protection and application, as well as the latest progress, style, experience and achievements in promoting the high-quality development of IP work. Qinghai will carry out IP publicity activities in enterprises and schools, hold seminars and workshops, print and issue IP publicity brochures, put up posters for the IP Publicity Week and carry out prize-attached Q&A activities on IP basic knowledge and universal education by means of newspaper and WeChat. Diversified forms of activities will be held to publicize IP knowledge to improve people’s IP awareness, strengthen IP protection and foster a favorable publicity environment. At the Launch Ceremony, the two outstanding patent awards won by Qinghai in 2018 at the 20thCNIPA Parent award ceremony, national and provincial enterprises with IP advantages in 2018 and the national pilot middle and primary schools for IP education confirmed by CNIPA and Ministry of Education were licensed. Experts attending the Conference made special reports on “IP Management and Strategy in the Era of Big Data”. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)