Helanshan Donglu Wine


Helanshan Donglu region, or eastern foothill of Helanshan Mountains, of Ningxia has a long history of grape cultivation. The protected area is located at the intersection of alluvial plain in the eastern foot of Helan Mountain and Yellow River alluvial plain. The grapes produced here have unique local characteristics, that is, high level of maturity, fast accumulation of sugar and flavor substances, as well as high content of soluble solids and polyphenols. The unique geographical location, climatic condition and unpolluted environment are the effective factors in the making of Helanshan Donglu Wine, which is characterized by bright color, pleasant, elegant, rich aroma, unctuous texture, intense and powerful taste and a mellow and sweet finish. 

Under the geographical indication protection, the commercial potential and market visibility of the wine are greatly improved, which in turn foster the standardization and industrialization of wine production in Ningxia. It has become one of Ningxia's featured industries.(Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)