Huzhou Writing Brush


Scope of Huzhou Writing Brush protection is the areas under the jurisdiction of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. "Flowering brushes of Huzhou and Suzhou" is an accolade of Huzhou brushes from Guo Moruo. The Huzhou writing brushes can hold a full capacity of ink without dripping, while the hair is gathered without split ends, durable but not brittle.

"Sharp, neat, round, and strong" are the characteristics of Huzhou brushes. The tip of the brush is sharp but not split, conducive to various expression of strokes; the hair is straight and neat with good ink capacity, when spread out, the top is even, and delivers the ink evenly. The tip of the brush is round and smooth so that it is easy to handle when writing; the hair is strong and secure yet flexible in writing. The brush is durable and retains its original shape when not in use. With two thousand years of history, Huzhou brush represents the highest achievement of Chinese brush production. From Qin to Tang dynasties, Xuanzhou of Anhui Province became the main brush production area in China. In the Southern Song Dynasty, more than 40 years of battle between Song and Yuan dynasties in Jiangsu and Anhui regions gradually brought down Xuanzhou. The brush artisans fled southward and relocated in Huzhou, prompting the brush production in the neighboring town of Shanlian in Huzhou. Up till the Yuan Dynasty, Huzhou had seen constant improvement in brush production and finally replaced Xuanzhou in brush quality and reputation. The implementation of geographical indication product protection has boosted the development of Huzhou brush production and promoted the progress and development of Chinese painting and calligraphy art. (Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)