Panjin Rice


Panjin rice is produced in Panjin City of Liaoning Province, located in the south of the Songliao Plain. The wetlands of coastal Panjin are traversed by rivers, and the terrain is flat with deep topsoil, making it the perfect place to produce excellent-quality eco-friendly-grown rice. The suitable temperature condition and long growth period ensure that the rice fully grows and develops, and the grown japonica rice has low amylose content, strong toughness and good taste.

The written record about the Panjin rice planting was started in 1907. Panjin has become the important national commodity grain base after more than 100 years history of traditional cultivation. The annual output of high quality rice is more than 1 million tons. The producer in Panjin created the crab-rice ecological planting model. Rice and crabs have a symbiotic relationship. This model avoids using fertilizers and pesticides so that the producers can make sure the quality of rice. 

Moreover, Panjin Rice has high quality by using the modern low-temperature green grain storage technology to store rice and closed physical machinery clean processing technology to process the rice during the entire process.(Courtesy of Intellectual Property Protection Department of China National Intellectual Property Administration)