Wuchang Rice


Wuchang rice, produced in Wuchang City of Heilongjiang Province, is a kind of Japonica rice produced by using Wuyou rice, Songjing rice series and other high-quality japonica rice varieties which meet the requirements of Wuchang cultivation. It is processed from the specific japonica rice by using a period of Super-early seedling cultivation and greenhouse dry seedling cultivation techniques.

Wuchang City is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The opening of the basin faces west. The southeastern mountains block the Southeast wind. The warm current of the Songnen Plain in the west can directly enter the basin and circle. It belongs to the continental climate of the middle temperate zone. It has a frost-free period of 130 days, with an average annual sunshine of 2,629 hours. Its unique geographical and climatic conditions are suitable for the growth of rice.

Wuchang Rice has a light, slightly sweet taste, a soft, slightly sticky texture, and an irresistible fragrance. In recent years with the implementation of the protection of geographical indications, the quality of rice has continually increased, and the area of land devoted to standardized cultivation methods has constantly expanded. In turn, reputation of the rice has correspondingly raised. The cultivation techniques used have formed into a unique "Wuchang mode" that has gained recognition throughout China. (Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)