CNIPA Deputy Commissioner Gan Shaoning Meeting MyIPO Deputy Director General and His Delegation

On September 3, CNIPA organized the China-ASEAN Roundtable on IP Application in Hangzhou under the framework of the 10th Meeting of China-ASEAN Heads of Intellectual Property Offices. CNIPA Deputy Commissioner Gan Shaoning attended and gave a speech.

According to Gan Shaoning, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is gaining momentum, presenting more obvious trend of innovation-led development, and the basic guarantee role of IP system in stimulating innovation is becoming more and more prominent. It is the inevitable requirement for high-quality development to strengthen IP application and promote the commercialization of innovative outcomes. In recent years, the Chinese government has attached great importance to IP application and a series measures have been taken to strengthen IP application with positive results being achieved, such as deepening the reform in the distribution of IP rights and interests, building an IP operation service system and innovating IP financial services.

Gan Shaoning said that ASEAN is one of most dynamic regions in the world’s economic development and ASEAN members have a lot of successful experience and methods in IP application worth learning for China. He hoped that the meeting could promote IP application work of both sides to a new level.

At the meeting, representatives from CNIPA and intellectual property offices of ASEAN members including Brunei, Cambodia and Indonesia shared their experience in and exchanged opinions on some hot issues such as IP application and the latest development in IP work of their own countries.  (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)