Media Perspective
  • Large pork farms already have CCTV and sensors monitored by humans. For a few hundred pigs, it might be possible for a human to oversee operations. But for hundreds of thousands of pigs, where do you even begin? And for China to achieve its pork miracle, millions of pigs must be farmed. Alibaba Cloud offers farms a way to help sort through data using AI. In these large-scale farms, pigs are stamped with a unique identity mark on their bodies, similar to a QR code. That data is fed into a model made by Alibaba, which can monitor pigs in real time, using video, temperature and sound sensors. 

    ——How technology is transforming rural hog farming, by The Guardian


    Improving quality and quantity of product cannot separate from technological support. Chinese high-tech companies like Alibaba have established trust among consumers by using AI to upgrade traditional farming model and build brand with high reputation.

  • On auto China 2020, GWM's brand and product innovation was on full display. Not only did it engage Chinese actors to perform its new brand culture and user-focused scenarios to reach young consumers, but it also showcased a new product lineup that paves the path towards the future "intelligent" world. "Powered by advanced digital and new energy capabilities, our products have the strength to compete in the global marketplace," said Tony Sun, GWM Deputy General Manager of Overseas Marketing. "We hope to take this opportunity to showcase our innovative transformation to the global market and users, whom will see changes in our globalized model." 

    ——Rebranding and Innovation Power GWM's Intelligent Transformation, by Yahoo!


    Thanks to its emphasis on innovation and brand building, GWM has made itself on the top of intelligent automobile sector, which in turn bolster its R&D capability and make homemade brand great.

  • China's leading high-end, premium electric SUV, the HiPhi X, makes its debut at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. Human Horizons announced its partnership with Microsoft at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in July 2020. The first AI application from this partnership in a smart vehicle, is also being launched at the Auto Show in the form of an AI assistant, named HiPhiGo. 

    ——Human Horizons' Super SUV, HiPhi X, Debuts at 2020 Beijing International Auto Show, by PR Newswire


    At the very beginning of its establishment, Human Horizons took innovation as the key of its development strategy in the future transportation industry. The show of this SUV and AI assistant is the best embodiment of the company's innovation power.

  • Boqii Holding Limited (BQ.US) launched an initial public offering (IPO) in the US on September 23, 2020. According to data from US-based business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, Boqii is the largest pet-focused platform in China in terms of revenue and number of customers, the largest pet-focused online community in the country in terms of registered users, and the largest pet-focused online retailer in the country in terms of gross merchandise value (GMV). 

    ——China's largest pet-focused platform Boqii launches IPO in the US, by PR Newswire


    In recent years, Boqii has continuously expanded its business and improved its innovation capabilities to meet consumer demand for pet services, and has won market recognition. The IPO in the United States marks a new start of Boqii's brand building.

  • Baidu recently hosted Baidu World 2020, where the company unveiled AI upgrades. Baidu Apollo demonstrated Fully Automated Driving in a livestream and unveiled the cutting-edge 5G Remote Driving Service. Baidu launched DuerOS 6.0 the latest version of its conversational AI system, as well as XiaoduPods that represent Baidu's first portable consumer electronics product. The Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Group released the innovative virtual assistant app Duxiaoxiao as part of its strategy to offer personalized services through mobile platforms. The company also announced that AI open platform Baidu Brain has been upgraded to version 6.0. 

    ——Baidu World 2020 Showcases AI Advancements for Empowering All Facets of Life, by PR Newswire


    The AI products Baidu launched on the conference is an outcome of the efforts in innovation and IP portfolio, which further showcases its technical strength to the world.